In order to test efficiently, is to test the library against a real CAS server.

If you’re not able to use one, the best is to work with a local CAS server.

If you want to setup your own local CAS server in less than 2 minutes, use the repo crpeck/cas-overlay-docker and you’ll have something working really quickly.

Don’t forget to setup the HTTPS certificates because the communication between the CAS server and your application MUST be in HTTPS, and I haven’t found a way yet to disable this for testing purposes.

If you prefer to use your local machine, there are already some documentation on Github.

If you want to test against EU Login, make sure that your application respond on the localhost hostname, it’s the only domain for which it will work. However, only basic authentication will work and it will not be possible to enable authentication with proxy because the hostname localhost will not be accessible from the Internet.


See the MAINTAINERS.txt file.


See the Github insights page.